2017 Harambee a Success!

2017 Harambee

Nearly 60 people attended one of our annual “Harambee” (let’s all pull together) fundraisers in either Tempe, Arizona or Madison, Wisconsin in October.  Past donors, guests, people interested in education for vulnerable children, and passers-by came to listen to African music, hear about the Jirani Project children and their progress, have snacks and drinks, and purchase items from the African Market or from the online auction.

Thanks to all who participated, over $7,000 was raised to help the Jirani Project to provide support and education for a few Kenyan children who otherwise would not be in school on a regular basis.

* "Harambee" means "Let's pull together," and is the official motto of Kenya.

Harambee is a tradition in Kenya that brings people together to celebrate accomplishments and to support different pursuits and future successes of one another.  Harambee is not only a time to pay tribute to life’s many endeavors and to raise hope, but also offers an opportunity for family, friends, neighbors and community members to work together to fundraise and provide the monetary support needed to fulfill the goals and ambitions of others.

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